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Cap/IronMan Remix 2017

It is time for more of the Cap/Ironman Remix works to be unveiled! Come and see what all our remixers came up with!

Every day we will reveal one fic of the Captain America/Iron Man Fanfic Remix 2017 and one relay work for each of the two Captain America/Iron Man Relay Remix 2017 chains, so usually three works per day. Remixes will remain anonymous until after everything is revealed, so please keep from revealing what you created until creator reveals on the 26th.

We have a discussion and guessing post up for everyone to discuss remixes, remix techniques and guess creators on livejournal and imzy. Also try your hand at guessing which relay work is a remix of which other relay work in the chain, because we’ll be publishing them out of order! We’ll reveal the chains in the order of creation when creators are announced.

Mind the warnings and content notices on all works! Here it goes!

Remix Works Revealed today:

Captain America/Iron Man Fanfic Remix 2017

An Excess of Excitement (The Bee-Phasic Remix) (616, 12344 words)
Sam throws a party, Steve is sad Iron Man isn't there, and Tony has an unfortunate encounter with a bee that turns out to be more sinister than meets the eye.

Remix of A Little Bit of Action by MusicalLuna.

Captain America/Iron Man Relay Remix 2017 - FLOWER CHAIN

Penance (MCU, 2820 words)
The best doctors in the world, and they aren’t sure Tony will ever wake up. And if he doesn’t wake up, it will have been Steve that killed him.
Steve has already accepted that he won’t be able to live with that.

Captain America/Iron Man Relay Remix 2017 - FRUIT CHAIN

Nightmare Fuel (Rimixing in the Silver Age) (Marvel 616, 2232 words)
The mission may not have been exactly routine; Steve did get turned into a evil snake, and may have almost killed Iron Man, but he's usually better at shaking off this kind of thing. Now, the memories linger.

Please don’t forget to thank you remixer and leave feedback on the works you read, so all creators know their work is appreciated and we can all have a fun event experience!

To check out all remixes visit the Captain America/Iron Man Fanfic Remix 2017 Collection and the Captain America/Iron Man Relay Remix 2017 Collection.

Remix Madness is open for play until right before that happens, so if you’ve gotten a taste there is still time to try your hand at remixing now. All information abour Remix Madness is here.

We’ll be announcing all the gifts for today on Tumblr and imzy as well as here, so people can like and reblog and share it to spread the word.

As AO3 does not do this for you, you may want to change the publication date of your work to today’s date, to help it show up in the AO3 listings for recent works. (Sadly this will not trigger the feeds inclusion.) AO3’s guide is available here and there is a more detailed guide on how to do so here.
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We are so sorry for the confusion this morning!! Due to timezone math we posted that claims were live an hour early. :(

If you’ve claimed a posting date: the original doodle poll has been deleted and you’re going to have to reclaim at 12 EST. We apologize!

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An Agathokakological Mind
Artist: kelly6ridge
Author: renai_chan18
Rating (both art/fic): G/NC-17

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Title: The Adventures of an Intoxicated Billionaire, A.K.A. Tony Stark
Artist: Wiredoll
Author: Bobhasrainbowveins
Rating (both art/fic): Art: G Fic: Mature

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Title: Some Kind of Madness
Artist: wiredoll
Author: blue_jack
Rating (both art/fic): art: PG, fic: NC-17



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